“Flavors is like the virtue of India,
Namakwala puts a crown to that virtue..”

The Indian salt manufacturing and export industry has become almost synonymous with the Namakwala brand.

Redefining the salt industry in India since 1945, Namakwala was established by Late Shri Badri Lal Lohia.

Late Shri Lohia was a pioneer who believed in the modern world. His beliefs were scientific and he wanted the brand Namakwala to reach the global pinnacle.

70 years later, Namakwala has become a leading global salt manufacturer and brand with clients and associations in all four worldly directions.

At Namakwala, it’s not salt we produce. It’s taste.

Imagine a world without salt. How tasteless would that be?

And, our salt is not just any salt. It’s high quality and manufactured to serve the world’s nutritional Iodine needs.

We also produce salt for industrial application along with the food and nutrition industry.

Salt is nothing poetic, or even glorious but yet we can’t live without it. The food’s not food if there’s no salt in it. And, there are plenty of industrial applications for it.

Whatever the demand is, we have it covered. We have been at it for more than 70 years and we hope to conquer more markets.

Namakwala’s mission is to be able to reach people’s hearts and add flavour to their lives, their food and relieve the mundane aspects of them.

We manufacture fine salt crystals with the vision that they will alleviate the worldly tensions and bring new fervour to your food and life.

Our Mission

Our mission isn't just to decorate food but to provide the addiction for best taste so we can deliver a world class customer experience.

Our Achievements