Salt Export from India to Malaysia

For over 50 years now, Namakwala has worked towards earning the trust of its customers and becoming the number one salt exporter in India. Today, the company rules the industry and is the market leader in the production and export of quality salt products, including Rock Salt, Table Salt, Raw Salt, Iodized Salt, Refined Salt and Industrial Salt. Recognized by the WHO, Namakwala’s salt products are creating a revolution in the industry for their guaranteed purity and extended shelf life.

Our enhanced edible, food grade and industrial salt production process is backed by a well-structured processing facility equipped with the latest production equipment. Namakwala makes use of the latest in machinery to ensure that the entire salt production phase is carried out in the most efficient and hygienic manner. The company’s salt production facility is also equipped with modern amenities to ensure bulk production and speedy delivery of salt products, thus ensuring efficient and timely salt export from India to Malaysia and many other countries around the globe.

Namakwala prides itself in offering a wide range of salt products for national and international customers. The company’s range of export salt products includes:

  • Raw Salt
  • Rock Salt
  • Double Fortified Salt (DFS)
  • Black Salt (Kala Namak)
  • Herbal Salts
  • Bath Salts
  • Edible Salts
  • Water softening salt tablets
  • Colour speckles for detergent powders, and Industrial salt
  • As the leading Salt Exporter Malaysia, Namakwala works ardently towards accomplishing its goals. The company’s core strength lies in its long experience of being associated with some of the most renowned names in the salt business, the efficient expression and execution of innovative ideas, the delivery of best quality salt products at any cost and on a committed schedule, and the honesty and transparency in all transactions.

    Namakwala ensures to get its production salt from only the best and purest sources from the country. Added to this is the company’s crystal clear vision of delivering high-quality salt products across the globe at competitive prices. All these qualities make Namakwala one of the most trusted and reliable manufacturer and exporter of salt in India.

    Customers are at the top of Namakwala’s priority list and the company ensures to meet and exceed client expectations at every stage of the salt production and export process. As one of the most reliable salt manufacturers and exporters in India, Namakwala is committed to delivering salt-based products well within the stipulated time without any compromise in the quality of the products whatsoever.

    Namakwala’s dedication to quality and service has helped the company achieve a massive growth since its inception and in the ensuing years, enabling it to reach a wider target audience by reaching and conquering markets in different countries around the world, including the US.

    Namakwala strongly believes that the success of a company is measured not only by the number of customers it has but by the number of repeat or satisfied customers it has as well. This factor drives the company’s vision to provide 100% satisfaction to customers by employing very strict quality control standards and ensuring only the best of salt based products end up at the customer’s doorstep.