“The home is not even a home, without Maa…………”
“The taste is not even a taste, without Maa ………”

MAA Chemfood Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading Salt Company engaged in Manufacturing & Exporting of Refined Industrial, Iodized, Table, Tablet & Raw and Rock Salt.
The company belongs to a reputed name of ‘NAMAKWALA’ since 1945. The group was founded by Late Shri Badrilal Lohia. We are associated with largest Salt Refinery in Kutch District of Gujarat, India.

To achieve excellence and quality in this field, we have installed the Most Modern State of Art Technology with automatic equipment's of Stainless Steel. The production capacity of the refinery is 2.50 Lace MT per annum (750 MT per day).

The entire process is automatic and the salt is produced and packed in the most hygienic and environment friendly conditions with highest purity up to 99.50% NaCl content.
The entire process meets the stringent standards of WHO (World Health Organization) and in recognition of its consistent unique and supreme quality and crystal size.

The “MAA” contains right level of iodine adhering to the norms set by UNICEF and FSSAI (Government of India) to prevent Iodine Deficiency Disorders. We feel proud to state that MAA have been awarded with ISO 9001:2008 certifications for Quality Management, HACCP for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control and HALAL as Prescribed by the Islamic Law.