We are top industrial salt manufacturers in India

Namakwala Group is synonymous with the words reputable and trustworthy when it comes to manufacturing industrial salt in India. Owing its existence and tremendous growth to Late Shri Badri Lal Lohia and his descendants, Namakwala Group has fast risen to become one of the most reputed industrial salt manufacturers in India, beating out stiff competitors who have been in the business for many years. We take pride in being one of the most sought-after manufacturers of a wide variety of salt and spices in India as well.

Our commitment to attaining 100% customer satisfaction in each of our business endeavours has made us market leaders in adding new customers as well as retaining existing ones. We strive to provide our customers with value-added services which are infused with our strict adherence to moral values of ethical conduct, pillars that guide us on a day to day basis.

As one of the best industrial salt suppliers in India, we manufacture as well as export a wide range of high-quality industrial salts that find their use in many industrial applications. The range of industrial salts from our company is known for its freshness purity and durability, with these factors increasing their demand in domestic and international markets.

Our range of industrial salt includes:

Pure Salt: Commonly used in fields related to textile dyeing, pharma, water softening, speciality chemical and UV fluid industry.

Crystalline Salt: Commonly used in industries like paint, distemper, sugar, drilling salt, chemicals, dyes, etc.

Medium Grade Salt: Commonly used in industries related to chemicals, dyes, detergent and sea & foreign food industry.

Super Fine Salt: Commonly used and in high demand in industries related to soaps, chemicals, leather and Ayurvedic products.

30 Mesh Salt: Commonly used in areas like detergent/soap manufacture and oil drilling.

Coarse Salt: Commonly used in industries related to granite polishing, oil drilling, explosive industries, etc.

PVD Salt: Commonly used in industries related to water treatment, shampoo manufacturing and dye & textile industries.

De-Icing Salt: Commonly used for melting the ice that forms on roads during winters with a very high-efficiency level.

Namakwala also takes pride in being one of the top companies in India to manufacture and supply excellent quality iodized salt. We are a reputed iodized salt manufacturer India, following stringent quality guidelines to manufacture refined iodized salt, which is fortified with iodine at levels measuring above the natural state. We make use of state of the art equipment and technological methods to achieve excellence and quality in the production and supply of hygienic, eco-friendly salt. Our refined iodized salt has the highest NaCl purity content of up to 99.50% and contains the right levels of iodine according to the guidelines set by the WHO and the FSSAI.

Very few firms have reached the status and recognition that Namakwala has achieved in such a short span. With the aim of reaching every household and commercial establishment in India, Namakwala is here to revolutionize the business of salt production and supply around.