#1 Salt Export from India to Mozambique

Namakwala has been manufacturing high-quality salt and doing the salt export from India to Mozambique and a plethora of other countries since its inception. Produced and packed hygienically using state-of-the-art technologies and automatic stainless steel equipment, our quality salt is creating a revolution worldwide. We have a knack for manufacturing different types of salt, which include –

  • Edible Salt – Our fine, free-flowing, tasty and healthy edible salt is suitable for diverse cooking needs of the customers and is exported according to BIS/International Standard. Fortified with prescribed iodine level, it is food grade salt fit for human consumption. It tastes just like ordinary salt and doesn’t make food taste bitter or bad. The presence of iodine in our salt helps prevent iodine deficiency related diseases like Goiter. Our refined iodized salt has demand in food product industries, including hotels and restaurants, manufacturers of packaged snacks, confectionary, bakery and homes.
  • Industrial Salt – We are a leading exporter of high-quality industrial salts and are popular as a distinguished industrial salt distributor in Mozambique. Known for purity and freshness in both domestic and international markets, our range of industrial salts is used in various industrial applications. Pure salt, crystalline salt, medium grade salt, superfine salt, PVD salt, coarse salt, de-icing salt and 30-mesh salt are the types of industrial salts that we offer.
  • Raw Salt – Obtained from the evaporation of the ocean’s water without artifice, natural raw salt is a basic condiment. Depending on how precisely it is formulated, no other synthetic mineral can equal its wealth of minerals. Raw salt, also known as Common salt, is widely used in the paper industry, chloro alkali plant, chlorine plant, de-icing, leather industry, Ayurvedic preparations, water softening and many other industries.
  • DFS Salt – Double Fortified Salt (DFS) is a special iodized salt enriched with iron. It is a first of its kind product launched in India and we offer a wide range of it. Regular use of this salt works wonders in boosting haemoglobin, stamina and improving overall health. It also prevents blood and iron deficiency, especially in children and pregnant women.
  • Rock Salt – Rock salt is considered superior as per Ayurveda, as it is the purest form of salt devoid of chemical components and environmental pollutants. Our body requires 92 trace elements, including potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, calcium, etc. Rock salt contains 84 out of these 92 trace elements and plays a significant role in replenishing body’s electrolytes and maintaining the pH balance.
  • Black Salt – We also offer black salt, which is known for its pungent salty taste and a sulphurous aroma.
  • Water Softening Salt Tablets – The water softening salt that we offer for lime scale prevention is recommended for all types of water softeners. Softened water equals cost savings, as it improves the efficiency of hot water and heating systems. Softened water also prevents ugly staining and scaling in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Bath Salt – We also roll out bath salt, which people use to increase enjoyment of bathing and for its cosmetic effects.