Namakwala, founded by the Late Shri Badri Lal Lohia, belongs to the reputable Namakwala Group, which has cemented its position as the most trusted salt exporter in India. We have grown by leaps and bounds since our inception and now become one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of a wide variety of salts in India as well as abroad.

Namakwala has an unfazed commitment to maintaining excellence in new as well as existing services. Our dedication to guarantee 100% client satisfaction with our range of products ensures that we remain the market leader in terms of retaining existing and adding new clients to our ever-growing network. We are also dedicated to providing the maximum value added services to our clients and remain unfazed in our commitment to deliver what we promise. Our ethical code of conduct and moral values guide us towards our ultimate goal of becoming the leader of the salt business in India.

Namakwala manufactures and exports a wide range of salts and spices in India and abroad. Our growing list of salt products includes, but not limited to, refined, iodized, industrialized, rock, raw, table and tablet salt. Maintaining stringent quality measures, we ensure that all salt products shipped under our brand name carry the distinct mark of Namakwala, i.e. the assurance of purity, safety and quality.

All our salt products are manufactured in the state-of-the-art salt manufacturing facilities of the company, Maa Chemfoods Pvt. Ltd. We make use of the latest manufacturing equipment and technologies to produce pure, high-quality salt for household and industrial use. Our manufacturing unit is completely automatic, ensuring that our salt products are completely hygienic and eco-friendly right from the manufacturing to the supply/export stage and beyond.

We take pride in revealing that our iodized salt product range is the purest of its form and contains up to 99.50% of Sodium Chloride (NaCl) content. The products also contain the right levels of iodine as prescribed by the standards set by the SSFAI (Government of India), as well as the UNICEF and the WHO. This has helped us become the undisputed leader in the salt business and the leading iodized salt exporter in India.

Namakwala has been accredited by several Indian and international organizations for its quality measures. Accordingly, we have earned the ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality assurance. We have also earned the HALAL certification (as per the norms prescribed by the Islamic Law) and the HACCP certification for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control.

We are also a market leader in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of industrial salt, which is used for different purposes in several industries. As one of the leading industrial salt exporters in India, we manufacture and export salts that find their use in textile dyeing, paint, distemper, pharma, water softening, drilling salt, chemicals, soaps, leather, granite polishing, oil drilling, explosives, shampoo and UV fluid industries.