Namakwala has grown over the years to become one of the most trusted salt manufacturers in India. Backed by state-of-the-art equipment and latest technology and a strong, dedicated team of employees spearheaded by the descendants of the Late Shri Badri Lal Lohia, we have grown from strength to strength. Over the years, we at Maa Chemfood Pvt. Ltd. have managed to cement our unattainable position as the market leaders in manufacturing, supplying and exporting quality salt in India.

India’s relationship with salt goes back many years. We add salt to everything that we cook, cherishing it as a basic condiment without which we cannot lead our daily lives in peace. As the leading salt manufacturer India, Namakwala understands the Indian’s association with salt and ensures that this bond doesn’t break by manufacturing and supplying only the purest of salt varieties to the quintessential Indian household. We also supply a wide range of industrialized salt that finds use in many industrial applications across industries in the country.

At Namakwala, our goal is simple that is to attain 100% customer satisfaction with each and every product that we manufacture and supply. Our dedication has helped us gain a reputation for being one of the most recognizable and reputable salt manufacturers in Gujarat within a short span. In addition, our commitment has helped us win the hearts of households and commercial and industrial establishments across India during this period.

We take pride in operating a fully automatic manufacturing and supply unit to ensure that the salt manufactured and supplied under our name is hygienic and eco-friendly. Our salt products contain highest levels of purity (99.50 of NaCl) and include the permissible level of iodine set by the WHO as well as the FSSAI (Government of India). This enables us to give the value-added services to our customers, making us one of the leading salt suppliers in India.

Our range of salt products includes iodized, refined, rock, table, industrialized tablet and raw salt. Each of these products passes through several stringent quality tests before being shipped out to customers. We are accredited by several national and international organizations and have earned certifications of purity that speak volumes of our dedication and commitment to the work we do. Accordingly, we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization and have been awarded the same for quality management. We have also been awarded the HALAL certification for purity (as prescribed by the Islamic Law) and the HACCP for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control. These certifications have helped us strengthen our position as one of the best salt suppliers in India.

We continue to grow, with our team continually searching for newer, future markets. As an emerging salt exporter in India, we attempt to stay attuned to the changing needs of the industry and address these needs innovatively with our salts and spices. This ensures that customers of Namakwala are not short of choices when it comes to choosing our products.