We are best exporters of high quality industrial salts, which are widely used in various industrial applications. Our ranges of industrial salts are known for its purity and freshness in domestic as well as international markets.

Pure Salt is used in Textile / Hosiery Dyeing, Water Softening, Pharma Industry, U.V. Fluid Industry, Specialty Chemical.

Crystalline Salt is in demand in various industries like Sugar Industry, Paint & Distemper, Drilling Salt, Dyes & Chemicals Industry and many more.

Medium Grade Salt is basically useful for Dyes & Chemicals, Sea & Foreign Food Industry, Detergent Industry.

Super Fine Salt is highly demanded in numerous industries some of them are Soaps & Chemical Industries, Ayurvedic Preparations and Leather Industry.

30 Mesh Salt is useful in making Soap & Detergent and Oil Drilling.

Coarse Salt is required in Oil Drilling, Explosive Industries, Granite Polishing etc.

PVD Salt . It is used during Water Treatment, Dye & Textile Industries, Shampoo Manufacture and is even used in Animal Nutrition.

De icing Salt has been used many years for melting the ice formed on roads during the winter season, and its efficiency level is very good.